Bavarian Alps, Germany - Lakes and Mountains

Lakes, Mountaineering, Scenic

The German Alps rise quite abruptly from the undulating hills of the Alpine Foreland of Bavaria, thus creating a spectacular panorama. The slender periphery of mountains runs along the German boundary with Switzerland and Austria from Lake Constance (Bodensee) in the west to Salzburg in Austria in the east. The German Alps are separated into three sections: The western section of the German Alps is the Allgäuer Alpen, located flanked by Lake Constance and the Lech River. The central sections are the Bayerische Alpen amid the Lech and Inn rivers. Here is Germany’s highest peak, the “Zugspitze” with a height of 2,963 metres above sea level. The Salzburger Alpen begins at the Inn River, enclose Berchtesgaden, and make up the easternmost section of Germany’s Alps.

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