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Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 21°C 11°C 74mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: May to September
  • Summer: 6 to 21°C
  • Winter: -11 to 8°C
  • Rain: April to May
  • Altitude: 200 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 20°C 15°C 713mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Apr - Jun and Sept - Dec
  • Summer: 9 to 20°C
  • Winter: 2 to 6°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 2050 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
- - - -
Best Season
  • Best Season: March to May
  • Summer: 25 to 29°C
  • Winter: 20 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 2421 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 22°C 13°C 82mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Jan to March and Jul to Aug
  • Summer: 16 to 24°C
  • Winter: -4 to 16°C
  • Rain: June to August
  • Altitude: 221 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 29°C 17°C 0mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: April to Oct
  • Summer: 15 to 30°C
  • Winter: 4 to 15°C
  • Rain: Oct to May
  • Altitude: 610 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 33°C 26°C 248mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Throughout the year
  • Summer: 19 to 37°C
  • Winter: 3 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 58 m (190 ft)
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 13°C 5°C 100mm
Best Season
  • Best Season:
  • Summer: °C
  • Winter: °C
  • Rain:
  • Altitude:
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 31°C 25°C 0mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: All year
  • Summer: 25 to 30°C
  • Winter: 10 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jul to Sep
  • Altitude: 85 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 35°C 26°C 80mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Sep - Mar
  • Summer: 23 - 43°C
  • Winter: 15 - 35°C
  • Rain: Jul - Sep
  • Altitude: 161 m (528 ft)
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 36°C 26°C 156mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: March to Oct
  • Summer: 14 to 30°C
  • Winter: -5 to 20°C
  • Rain: July to Oct
  • Altitude: 1600 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 32°C 25°C 189mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Sept - March
  • Summer: 23 to 45°C
  • Winter: 3 to 32°C
  • Rain: Jul - Sep
  • Altitude: 600 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 36°C 26°C 109mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Oct to Mar
  • Summer: Summer 21 to 41°C
  • Winter: Winter 17 to 33°C
  • Rain: Aug to Dec
  • Altitude: 12 m (39 ft)
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 28°C 18°C 28mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Jun - Oct
  • Summer: 20 to 28°C
  • Winter: 2 to 11°C
  • Rain: Oct - Mar
  • Altitude:
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 26°C 13°C 144mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Sep to June
  • Summer: 23 to 37°C
  • Winter: -1 to 17°C
  • Rain: July to Sept
  • Altitude: 2082 m

Handicrafts - Things to do

Handicrafts - Specialty of that particular region

Handicrafts are the art which is made from hand. Each piece will be unique as they are not made by machine. The tradition of the people of that country will be reflected through the handicrafts. Each and every place has its own tradition. The handicrafts are made from the materials which are found especially in that particular region. So the handicrafts cannot be imitated by any other people. The handicrafts are in great demand for the decorations of the house or of the commercial places. The handicrafts may be made out of materials or may be painting or art. The art and painting will be done on many types of materials. This may look different but they make the perfect art pieces.


The people who are well versed in such crafts will do the handicrafts. They would have learnt the art of crafts from their ancestors. The internet will give the perfect information about the crafts which are available in many regions of the world. These handicrafts will surely not be available in any other part of the world as they are unique arts. The art pieces will be available for cheaper rate in the local market where it is made but it will find a good rate in the international market.


Some pieces of handicrafts are environment friendly and are welcomed by the people. As the world is turning to encourage the environment friendly things these handicrafts are receiving a great encouragement. The people like to decorate their houses and offices with the environment friendly handicrafts. Places like India and Africa have a rich culture of handicrafts. They are available in affordable prices also. Some of the handicrafts are so good that the people will like to import some of the works. There are many marketers also who will get the handicrafts for lower prices and sell them to nearly four to five times their value.


Selling handicrafts is a good business. Some of the handicrafts which are made of metal, sandalwood and other precious elements will surely be costly. The artisans would have taken pains to do such handicrafts. It deserves all its value. So the people who encourage such types of crafts can encourage the artisans by buying these art pieces. Handicraft industries are not like other industries. The machinery is useless here. Everything will be done with skill and patience. Most of the skills would have been learnt from their ancestors.


There are many types of handicrafts. They may be decorative pieces or the things which we use for our daily use. The daily used things will give more decoration if it is piece of art. People show the class by exhibiting their art pieces. Some of the handicraft decorative will be really costly and it is difficult to possess it. Sometimes they are not available if maximum price is paid also. The people of the developing countries will have many types of handicrafts which will be purchased by the developing countries. This will help the countries to boost their economy.

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