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About Sri lanka

about Sri lanka

The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ as what is often addressed to Sri Lanka, flourishes with natural magnificence and the relics of a pervasive ancient civilization. This isle nation being so tiny in size tenders, no other isle can offer from diverse vistas, climates, mores and wildlife. Sri Lanka is a true heaven for the tourists with a whole lot of tourist enthrallment in Sri Lanka from sun-kissed beaches, magnificent ancient cities, attractive fauna and flora, to superior handicrafts, world illustrious gems, multihued festivals, warmth of the people and delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lanka is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, a great traveler hotbed and a tourist's ecstasy. Sri Lanka has the whole lot that a tourist can dream about. It has something to proffer to everybody. Colombo is the largest and the Capital city in Sri Lanka. It is also the economic and the commercial capital and almost all the chief economic activity is centered in the city.


Holidaying in Sri Lanka has every bit of the ingredient you need for a soothing break, a tourism extravaganza – or a bit of both! Whether you're triggered by wonderful beaches and salient culture or roving through old regal plantations is more your cup of tea, Sri Lanka holidays are tailor made just for you. What's more, the celebrated 'Teardrop Island' has enough startling panorama to craft even the most veteran traveler well up with passion. After all, it turned out for professional globetrotter Marco Polo, who named this place the 'Finest Island on earth'.


For hundreds of years voyagers have been captivated by Sri Lanka's exquisiteness and diversity of its nature. If you're looking for all comprehensive holidays, Sri Lanka has numerous of hotels that will fit the bill.  With an ancient history dating back 2500 years or more, this pearl shaped isle situated off the southernmost tip of India and bounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean is aptly called ‘a Tropical Paradise’. 

Sri lanka Fast Facts

City: Sri Lanka

State: World

Country: Sri Lanka

Known As: Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Beaches, Bird Sanctuary, Church, Lakes

Best Season: Oct to Feb

Summer: 26 to 31°C

Winter: 23 to 30°C

Rain: Oct to Jan

Area: 65610 km2

Altitude: 7 m

STD Code: 94

Languages: Sinhala, Tamil, English

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