Kandy, Sri Lanka - Gorgeous Royal Botanical Gardens

Temple, Scenic, Monastery, Lakes

Kandy, the majestic city, cuddled amongst the mid-country hilly terrain was the last hold of the Sinhalese King, Sri Wickremarajasinghe. Every holiday to Sri Lanka should comprise its second main metropolis, as ancient kings of Sri Lanka were constantly changing their capital cities to triumph over outside invaders. Kandy, the Sinhalese edifying and religious centre, is the abode of the hallowed temple in which is preserved the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. Kandy is also well-known for its art and crafts and primeval dance forms. Visit the gorgeous Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya on the shores of the Sri Lanka's longest river. Its largest lure is the annual Kandy Esala Perahera - a detailed spiritual procession to honor the sanctified tooth remnant of Lord Buddha.

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