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Best Season & Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has an archetypal tropical ambiance with piercingly dissimilar wet and arid seasons. However, what makes this isle different from other places is that it experiences two monsoons due to its geological position. From May to August, the Yala term brings heavy downpour from the southwest to the southern, central and western areas of the islet. Then from October to January, the Maha season sees monsoon rains land from the northeast, bringing heavy rainfall to the eastern and northern regions of Sri Lanka.


The prime time to holiday the east coast is between May and September, while the finest months in the west, on the southern shore and in the core hill realm is from December to March. The temperatures in Sri Lanka linger constantly high in the low-lying coastal areas, but as you grow elevation in the flat terrains the mercury drops forming an enjoyable spring-like weather nearly all year round. The hottest months fall between March and June, and the coolest period is between November and January.


Sri Lanka’s weather means that it is always the ‘right’ beach season anywhere on the coast. The climate doesn’t pursue strict rules, though – it frequently seems to be drizzling. Rainfall tends to be vigorous – avenues can flood in what seems like only minutes.

Best Season : Oct to Feb. Temperature: Summer 26 to 31°C, Winter 23 to 30°C

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