Sigiriya, Sri Lanka - An Antique Rock Citadel and Castle Wrecks

Scenic, Garden, Art Gallery, Amusement Park

Sigiriya is an antique rock citadel and castle wrecks located in the middle Matale region of Sri Lanka, bounded by the leftovers of an widespread complex of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures. It is a well-liked traveler destination, also known for its antique paintings or frescos, very alike to those in the Ajanta Caves of India. The Sigiraya was constructed during the sovereignty of King Kassapa I in AD 477 and it is one of the Seven World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. In a protected abridged, loomed by a twisting staircase, are the celebrated frescoes. The UNESCO supported Central Cultural Fund has refurbished Sigiriya's 5th century Water Gardens to its former splendor.

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