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About Greece

about Greece

Greece is a realm in Southern Europe, on the southernmost tip of the Balkan isthmus, with widespread shorelines and islands in the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas. It shares boundaries in the north with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. It has an antique culture that has had a momentous persuade on the arts, language, philosophy, politics, and sports of western society, including the genres of comedy and drama, western alphabets, Platonic ideals and the Socratic methods, democracies and republics, and the Olympics. In addition, it's a geographically alluring place to visit, with a rocky mainland and tranquil island beaches.


Discovering the spirit of a Greek city is much more than a quick excursion around its monuments and sightseeing. Greek cities are full of promises, effortlessly accessible and tourist friendly, offering a great sum of contemporary amenities and choices. Greek cities unite excellent conference facilities with unique museums, archaeological sites, shopping and nightlife.  Quaint mansions, many of them well-preserved, lavish department stores and small intimate shops, fancy restaurants and conventional hostelries are situated one next to another. Athens, the city with the most splendid history in the world, a city worshipped by gods and people is rightly called a magical city. The captivating capital of Greece has always been a birthplace for civilization. It is the city where democratic system was born and most of the wise men of ancient times. The most imperative civilization of ancient world thrived in Athens and revives through some of the world's most dreadful edifices.


Greece has confined the world's imagination with its primordial culture and fantastical legends. Visions of implacable gods and goddesses, colossal armies led by generals rolling in chariots, and great philosophers discussing ground-breaking thoughts dance in the heads of the millions of tourists who herd to the country each year to visit world-renowned sites like the Parthenon in Athens, the Acropolis of Rhodes, the churches of Thessaloniki, and the Oracle of Delphi.

Greece Fast Facts

City: Greece

State: World

Country: Greece

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Backwaters, Lakes, Monastery, Monuments, Mountaineering

Best Season: July to August

Summer: 16 to 28°C

Winter: 6 to 16°C

Rain: October to Feb

Area: 131957 km2

Altitude: 300 m

STD Code: 30

Languages: Greek

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