Corfu, Greece - Scenic Beauty

Backwaters, Waterfall

Corfu – or Kerkyra in Greek – is the second-largest and the greenest Ionian isle. It is also the best known island in Green for holidaying. It is a hilly isle with extraordinary landscapes, dense foliage due to the many winter rainfalls, long golden sandy beaches, one of Greece’s prettiest townships, many conventional villages, Byzantine cathedrals, numerous museums, imposing Venetian fortresses and some sparkling resorts spread all around the atoll. Shakespeare apparently used it as a backdrop for The Tempest. In the 20th century, writers the Durrell brothers – among others – adorned its intrinsic worth. With the nation’s highest precipitation, scores of vegetables and herbs blossom here, mainly in spring. With its captivating landscape of wildflowers, and cypress trees mounting out of glistening olive groves, Corfu hangs in there as one of Greece’s most stunning isles.

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