Greece Excursions

Popular Tourist Circuits of Greece

For an all-in-one tourism, culture-rich, multi-ethnic, urban and historic kingdom destination, Greece is the word. Most visitors head right for the capital of Athens, where antique civilizations are conserved in the illustrious Parthenon and Acropolis structures. The more modern part of Athens is situated in and around the Syntagma Square, where the Greek legislative body is housed. From Athens, one can cruise to the mass of smaller Greek islands. Mountainous Crete is the popular arena, hosting luminous beaches, fabulous green outcroppings, ancient Minoan and other historic sites. Other popular isle destinations include- Corfu, for its mythic consequence; Sanatori, for its volcanic history and vivacious nightlife and Rhodes isle which once held the Wonder of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes and is today a World Heritage Site.