Greece Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Greece

Spring between April-June and autumn between September-October are the best times to holiday in Greece. Summers are generally between June-August are blistering and arid, while the winter months are normally between November-March bring cool rain and cause most of the tourist transportation to a halt. Many hotels are closed from the end of November to the start of April.


Spring and autumn seasons are idyllic as the weather conditions are pleasant and temperatures generally vary between 16-28°C. High season is from mid-June until the end of August. It can be very hot and crammed full, particularly in Athens, so visitors should allow time to familiarize themselves. Temperatures can rise up to 40°C during July and August, although the north and coastal areas are habitually relieved by strong breezes, while summer nights are fairly cool all through the country. Winters are mild in the south temperatures generally vary between 6-16°C but much colder in the north i.e. the temperatures vary between 0-6°C where it often snows on the mainland and mountains of Crete and Evia. It will irregularly snow in Athens. November to March is the drizzling season, though there are plenty of days of sunshine and some visitors wish the tranquility of that time.

Best Season : July to August. Temperature: Summer 16 to 28°C, Winter 6 to 16°C