Travel Within Greece


Greece is a trouble-free place to tour around, thanks to the wide-ranging public transportation system. Buses are the stronghold of land transport, with a system that reaches out to the smallest villages. Trains are a good option, for tourists. To most visitors, although, travelling in Greece means isle-hopping on the mass of ferries that interlace the Adriatic and the Aegean. If you’re in a hurry, Greece also has wide-ranging domestic air system. Greece has a huge and multifarious ferry system casing every colonized island. Services are more recurrent from May to October and drop back to often quite restricted services in between. The convoy is changing and journey is now quite comfortable. Most isles have water taxis or taxi boats – small motor boats that function like taxis, transporting people to places that are complicated to get to by land. Some owners charge a set cost for each person, others charge a flat price for the boat. Either way, prices are generally quite economical.


From the 16 international airdromes of Greece only Athens and Thessaloniki receive usual flights from abroad. All other airports in the isle and townships of the mainland are served by numerous linking flights from the two large cities and during the summer they house copious charter flights. The distances within Greece are negligable, so the furthest destination would be about half hour flight from Athens.