Monastery of the Apocalypse, Greece - Scenic Beauty


Expelled on Patmos by the Roman Emperor Domitian approximately  in 95 AD, St. John the Theologian, generally recognized with the Apostle John, is said to have received his celestial visions in what is today called the Cave of Apocalypse and where he is thought to have made his home. Bounded by a huge monastic multifaceted with flower-laden yards, chapels constructed on different levels, engraved domes, and captivating cells, the Sacred Cave proves a spiritual place to the believers and this place is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Walk its cobblestoned tapered streets to the harbor and back, past imposing stone manors and whitewashed houses that charmingly enclose Saint John's castle-monastery sitting atop the hill. This is where the purity of faith infuses with the allure of traditional morals, powerful history and the pure attractiveness of the Dodecanese.

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