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Corbett National Park
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 14°C 11°C 123mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Nov to Jun
  • Summer: 16 to 40°C
  • Winter: 5 to 30°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 1210 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 21°C 13°C 66mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Jan to March
  • Summer: 18 to 26°C
  • Winter: -0 to -13°C
  • Rain: Oct to March
  • Altitude: 31 m
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Month Weather High Low Rain
- - - -
Best Season
  • Best Season: Oct - May
  • Summer: 20 - 36°C
  • Winter: 15 - 34°C
  • Rain: May - Nov
  • Altitude: 0m (0 ft)
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 31°C 24°C 618mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: March to Oct
  • Summer: 18 to 33°C
  • Winter: -7 to 10°C
  • Rain: Jul to Oct
  • Altitude:
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 25°C 20°C 207mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Oct - May
  • Summer: 22 - 40°C
  • Winter: 10 - 32°C
  • Rain: Jun - Sep
  • Altitude: 472 m ( 1549 ft )
Month Weather High Low Rain
- - - -
Best Season
  • Best Season: March to May
  • Summer: 25 to 29°C
  • Winter: 20 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 2421 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 31°C 24°C 618mm
Best Season
  • Best Season:
  • Summer: °C
  • Winter: °C
  • Rain:
  • Altitude: 1370 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 31°C 22°C 95mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: May to September
  • Summer: 24 to 47°C
  • Winter: -44 to 5°C
  • Rain: March to Oct
  • Altitude: 520 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 29°C 23°C 1003mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Sept to May
  • Summer: 21 to 35°C°C
  • Winter: 14 to 32°C°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 1894 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 11°C -1°C 41mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Dec - Feb
  • Summer: 30 to 50°C
  • Winter: 18 to 23°C
  • Rain: Nov - April
  • Altitude: 2228 m
Month Weather High Low Rain
Jul Array 30°C 18°C 8mm
Best Season
  • Best Season: Apr - Oct
  • Summer: 14 - 30°C
  • Winter: -2 - 14°C
  • Rain: Mar - Apr
  • Altitude: 1585 m ( 5200 ft )

Mountain Biking - Things to do

Remember the fun we had as kids cycling with friends down the countryside or in the tiny crowded lanes. For all those who love cycling but have a growing appetite for some adventure and excitement Mountain Biking is one such sport. So if this bug has finally bitten you then read on to find out more.


Mountain biking is a sport where one cycles over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. These mountain bikes look very similar to our normal cycles but the technology and hardware used in these bikes are very different.


This is one individual sport which requires endurance, core strength, balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. Mountain bikes mean different things to different folks. Bike manufacturers know this, and so produce several distinct types of mountain bikes to satisfy these desires.


Mountain biking can generally be broken down into multiple categories: Cross country, Trail riding, all mountain, downhill, freeride, dirt jumping and trials. Majority of mountain biking is the Trail Riding and Cross Country type of riding.


There are different types of Mountain bikes like Front Suspension only & Full Suspension bikes. Some of the types of Front Suspension bikes are hard Tails. These bikes are equipped solely with front suspension forks. Cross – country, Trail, All – mountain, Freeride and Downhill are some of the Full suspension bikes.


India offers some of the best mountain biking terrains to enthusiasts. The Indian mountainous terrain is rough and rugged. Biking thrill is maximum when an individual bikes on this kind of land which is up and down. In this case balance is very important. Balance helps the biker to climb steep pitches.


Speed Control is another thing that one has to keep in mind while enjoying mountain biking in India. Going uphill against the force of gravity is very challenging and requires the biker to have tremendous physical stamina, endurance and speed control. While mountain biking especially first timers need to keep in mind that it is better to carry some essential articles with you for the ride.


The style and level of protection worn by individual riders varies greatly and is affected by many factors including terrain, environment, weather, potential obstacles on the trail, experience, technical skill, fitness, perceived risk, desired style and others too numerous to mention. A cross-country helmet and simple long fingered gloves are a good minimum for the majority of riding.


Some equipment bikers take with them on the trip are Cycle Helmets, Rucksack, Sleeping Bag, Torch Water Bottle, Emergency Ration, Medical Kit, and tents if on overnight rides.


Some of the best locations in India to go for mountain biking is the ranges in Himalayas, Almora Naintal in Uttranchal  and Rishiket in  Himachal Pradesh. There are some good mountain biking spots in South India also.


The best time to do Mountain biking will depend upon the location selected by the biker. In the upper terrains it is better to avoid doing Mountain Biking during the rough winter months. In the south one can do mountain biking all through the year.


So Vroom up and down along miles of dazzling rivers, glaciers, foothills and barren lands with no limits. Bike away this vacation!!!

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