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About Uae

about Uae

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) inhabit a triangle of land and sea on Arabia's eastern border. This country is a confederation of seven self-governing sheik-ruled emirates - Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, and Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain. UAE has forever been a darling tourist destination in the Middle East for both trade and vacation travelers. It is unswervingly placed at the doorway of the Persian Gulf with widespread coastlines on its west and north facing coasts, together with easterly shoreline contiguous the Arabian Sea. The UAE has approximately 700 kilometers of shoreline, including 100 kilometers on the Gulf of Oman. Alongside the Arabian Gulf shore are offshore isles, coral reefs and salt fenlands. Stretches of vex plain and infertile desert portray the domestic region. To the east lie the Hajar Mountains, close to the Gulf of Oman, that reach north into the Musandam isthmus, at the maw of the Arabian Gulf. The western part of the Federation, most of which is Abu Dhabi region, consists chiefly of desert spread with havens. One of the biggest oases is Al Liwa, further than which is the enormous Rub al-Khali desert, or Empty Quarter.


Architecture in Dubai has forever been appealing for the whole world, because of its exquisiteness and fine work. The great works encompass both traditional ones, which symbolize the Islamic style and the contemporary ones, which have a strong European influence. Desert Safari, which involves a lot of escapade and enthusiasm, is one the favorites of the tourists. For most Western tourists, the UAE offers a milieu that is exceptionally memorable. The less famous side of the UAE includes isolated, wonderful desert and craggy, overwhelming wadis in the north-east bordering Oman. Thou alcohol is extensively available at many restaurants and bars in Dubai and you need to own the alcohol license to consume and, thus, it’s the testimony that the holder is a non-Muslim.

Uae Fast Facts

City: UAE

State: World

Country: UAE

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Scenic

Best Season: Oct to Nov and Feb to March

Summer: 24 to 40°C

Winter: 9 to 25°C

Rain: April to May

Area: 83600 km2

Altitude: 27 m

STD Code: 971

Languages: Emirati

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