Deira Gold Souq, UAE - Dazzling Gold and Luminous Gems

Scenic, Fair Mela

The Deira Gold Souq is world- celebrated for the shops loaded with gold and ornaments. Distinguished as the biggest gold souk in the world, the Gold Souq in Deira is the raison d'être that Dubai has acknowledged the name "City of Gold". In many Gulf countries, a first-rate dowry is one that is weighty with gold. On her nuptials day, the bride wears elaborate jewelry and she must only accept gifts of new gold. For this reason alone, the Deira Gold Souq has a stable surge of clienteles. Ornaments of all kinds are available at the Gold Souq include earrings, rings, necklaces, chains, pendants, anklets, amulets and bracelets.  A stopover to the Deira Gold Souq in the twilight is breathtaking. The dazzling gold and luminous gems look splendid.

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