Uae Shopping


One of the things that make Dubai a great place to go shopping is the fact that it is a duty-free harbor that low or usually no duties or tariffs mandatory on foreign products. The Dubai Mall is the world leading shopping malls in terms of total area, and is the sixth largest in terms of gross leasable region. It forms an ingredient of the Burj Khalifa complex, and offers about 1200 shops. The Mall of Emirates, situated in the Al Barsha district of Dubai, it is one of the biggest shopping malls in the world. Dubai Festival City that covers 5.2 million sq ft and stretches 3 kilometers along the historic Dubai Creek that showcases the booming and visionary fortitude of Dubai. Dubai’s relationship with the yellow metal is legendary and is the world's second biggest distributor of bullion. A colorful jumble of Indians, Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Americans and other nationalities visit the "City of Gold". The Spice Souq provides a breathtaking taste of the quaint world allure of Arabia. The most ancient spices of saffron, neem, turmeric, pepper are available in traditional shops are of course not to be missed.