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Uae Food


Dubai and, to a smaller extent, Abu Dhabi offer a vast stretch of food from most of the world's chief cuisines. By Western standards most restaurants are fairly reasonable though it is easy to find tremendously costly food. Conventional Shawarma and other Arabic cuisines are readily available and are quite economical and appetizing with average spicy flavor, with restricted calories. Grilled chickens are offered at most of the hotels on the road which can be enjoyed with other accompaniments like Khubz (Arabic Bread), hummus, etc. Capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is one of the most urbanized countries of the world. With a pioneering and developed food culture Abu Dhabi is a glee for food aficionados. From classic European to Pacific Rim to Mexican, Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai to Korean to Indian and Pakistani one can get all kinds of delicacies in Abu Dhabi to coddle your ravenous taste buds.