Travel Within Uae


Driving is by far the best means to see the UAE, allowing you to get off the chief highways and onto the more attractive back roads and giving you the liberty to stop as you please. Main roads in the UAE are superb; multilane highways connect the cities and have lights alongside their entire length. To rent a car, you’ll need a credit card and a global driver’s license; you may also need two passport-sized photos. In some instances rental companies will employ cars to travelers with only a driver’s license from their own country, but this is phenomenon is less habitually.


Well-maintained Dubai transportation minibuses or buses serve all the emirates but the only itinerary that takes passengers on the return trip is Sharjah. The rest of the buses go back to Dubai unfilled. Evenly well-maintained Al Ghazal buses tour between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and Dubai and Al-Ain, as well as inside the Abu Dhabi emirate. There is now an exceptional recurrent inter-Emirate bus service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This is the most comfortable means to travel. Dubai International Airport is the busiest air hub in the Middle East, with a famous duty-free medley.