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Dubai Dhow Wharfage Nature, Water

Famous for: Beaches

The Dhow Wharfage is situated alongside the bank of the Dubai rivulet, north of Al-Maktoum viaduct. The Dhow Wharfage is still used by small Gulf merchants, some in dhows that are well over 100 ...

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Abu Dhabi Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

With the oil predicted to run out a while after 2100 AD, you’d pardon Abu Dhabi for wanting to just sit pretty and count the money. But this gorgeous, lush and manifestly Arab conurbation ...

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Ajman Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: The Museum and Popular Dhow Structure Backyards

Laid-back and modest, Ajman, only 10km from Sharjah, is one of the poorest and negligible of the seven emirates. While many people just pass through out of inquisitiveness, the attractive, ...

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Burj Al Arab Heritage, Nature

Famous for: An Architectural Magnum Opus

The Burj Al-Arab is the world's tallest hotel, raising 321m high, and situated on its own synthetic islet on the Dubai shoreline. The Burj Al-Arab Hotel was planned to look like a fluttering...

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Burj Khalifa Nature

Famous for: Burj Dubai- The Tallest Structure

Burj Khalifa, first named Burj Dubai, is the tallest structure in the world and the world's tallest man-made construction. It is the most imposing sight on the Dubai skyline. Tourists can ge...

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Bur Dubai Museum Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Stunning Display of The Submarine World

The Dubai Museum in Bur Dubai, dwelling in the Al-Fahidi Fort was constructed in 1787 to preserve Dubai Creek. The walls of the citadel are built from coral and shell from the sea, and bonded to...

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Dubai Shopping Festival Nature

Famous for: The Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival runs from mid-January to mid-February attracting over 3 million tourists from around the globe. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, shopping is not the only enthrallm...

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Jumeirah Mosque Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Jumeirah Mosque- A fine Exemplar of Islamic Architecture

One of the biggest in Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most beautiful and extravagant mosques in Dubai. A clear-cut replica of a mosque in Cairo that is eight times its mass, the Jumeirah Mo...

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Dubai Emirates Mall Entertainment, Heritage, Nature, Snow

Famous for: The Dubai society Theater & Arts Center

Mall of the Emirates offers full variety of leisure, amusement and shopping amenities. Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski destination in the Middle East, offers skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing...

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Deira Gold Souq Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Dazzling Gold and Luminous Gems

The Deira Gold Souq is world- celebrated for the shops loaded with gold and ornaments. Distinguished as the biggest gold souk in the world, the Gold Souq in Deira is the raison d'être ...

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Abu Dhabi Al Hosn Palace Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Al Hosn Palace-Old Fort or The White Fort

Al Hosn Palace, also universally well-known as the “Old Fort or the White Fort”, is the oldest structure in Abu Dhabi. The palace was constructed in 1793 as the home of the ruling fa...

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Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation Nature

Famous for: The Arts Center of Abu Dhabi

The Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi is housed in a contemporary construction of Islamic design with domed columns, complicated patios, manicured gardens and intricately engraved entryways. It i...

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Sharjah Central Market Nature

Famous for: The Biggest Bazaar in Sharjah

The Central Market or Blue Souk, as it is also well-known because of the gorgeous blue tiles on the exterior walls, is the biggest bazaar in Sharjah. The Blue Souq is one of Sharjah's most f...

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Sharjah Arabian Wildlife Center Nature, Water

Famous for: The Arabian Wildlife

The Arabian Wildlife Center features over 100 species of current and vanished animals from the Arabian isthmus. The reptile, fish and insect home feature Arabian snakes counting the venomous vip...

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Dubai Palm Islands Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: The Three Biggest Man-Made Islands

The Palm Islands, also well-known as The Palm Dubai and The Palms, are the three biggest man-made islands in the planet. The Palm Islands are being erected on the shore of the emirate of Dubai. ...

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Ras Al Khaimah Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Archeological Excavations

Archeological excavations have exposed that Ras al-Khaimah was the seat of primordial civilizations. The old name for Ras al-Khaimah was Julphar. Ras-Al-Khaimah is an audacious place with the ex...

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Fujairah Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Fujairah Museum

The Fujairah Museum is situated south of the fortress, opposite the Ruler's citadel. Displays at the Fujairah Museum include relics found in archeological billets at Qidfa and Bithnah. Local...

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Ottoman Mosque Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Ottoman Mosque

Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates dating back to 1446. The engineering features are a chief triumph for the epoch of edifice. The mosque was named for the historical tow...

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Bur Dubai Grand Mosque Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Mosque- A Splendid Exemplar of Olden construction

The Grand Mosque in Bur Dubai swanks Dubai's tallest minaret. The minaret is the loom from which the call to prayer is aired. The present Grand Mosque was constructed in the fashion of the u...

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Sharjah Natural History Museum And Desert Park Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Natural History Museum and Desert Park

The Natural History Museum and Desert Park in Sharjah allows guests to discover about the bionetwork of the Arabian Desert. The children's farm allows children to perceive a close glimpse wi...