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About Saudi arabia

about Saudi arabia

No other country in the world is as misunderstood as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and possibly no other country – affluent with culture, legacy, and natural exquisiteness – is as worthy of a visit. It is more than a harsh desert, though the sands it does boast comprise the Empty Quarter, a gorgeous span of surging dunes unlike anywhere in the world, it is a country with many areas of stunning oases and striking mountain-tops, beaches and rivers. Saudi Arabia is a kingdom ruled by a king chosen from and by members of the Al Saud family. The king rules through royal ruling issued in union with the Council of Ministers, and with counsel from the Consultative Council. The king appoints members of both councils. Islamic regulation is the basis of the authority of the kingdom and provides the institution of the country's traditional customs and community practices. Saudi Arabia has a modern and well-developed infrastructure, and facilities for travelers are comprehensively available. Saudi Arabia was veiled in mystery until tourism developed at a fast velocity.


Tourism in Saudi Arabia covers the gorgeous desert landscapes and the legacy points in the country. Tourists can also opt to travel to the country during the festival months and participate in the countless Saudi Arabia Festivals & Events. Saudi Arabia Accommodation and Transportation in Saudi Arabia have been specifically projected to furnish to tourist needs. Saudi Arabia Tourism has certainly urbanized swiftly attracting millions of tourists across the world.

Saudi arabia Fast Facts

City: Saudi Arabia

State: World

Country: Saudi Arabia

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Beaches, Garden, Monuments, Palace

Best Season: Apr and Sept to Oct

Summer: 24 to 42°C

Winter: 9 to 29°C

Rain: Jan to May

Area: 2149690 km2

Altitude: 620 m

STD Code: 966

Languages: Arabic

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