Jamaraat Bridge, Saudi Arabia - Bridge


The Jamaraat Bridge is a pedestrian bridge in Mina, Saudi Arabia hovered near Mecca used by Muslims during the stoning of the devil ceremony of the Hajj. The bridge was initially built in 1963, and has been extended quite a few times since then. The purpose of the bridge is to allow pilgrims to throw stones at the three jamrah pillars from either the ground echelon or from the bridge. The pillars expand up through three openings in the bridge. Until 2006 the bridge had a single knot. At certain times, over a million people may gather round in the area of the bridge, which has leads to serious accidents. “Jamaraat” is the plural of jamrah which is the Arabic term for each of the pillars implicated in the stoning ritual. It plainly means a small piece of stone or a pebble.

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