Taif, Saudi Arabia - Scenic Beauty

Amusement Park, Garden, Museum, Scenic

Found in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia is the metropolis of Taif. The conurbation is illustrated by the agricultural activities that generate honey and grapes chiefly. Aside from the rich agricultural resource that it offers, the city of Taif also presents a number of picturesque spots that the tourists will certainly enjoy. At the Southern tip of the conurbation lies the Al Rudaf Park, which is an enormous natural park with bunches of trees beautify the park with spectacular granite rocks. Children will also enjoy the small zoo located in the environs. The relic of the Turkish fortress cuddle up near the Rock Carvings is another place to see. Taif’s provincial museum called Shubra bastion is positioned in a house which dates back to the 1900. It is assumed that the bastion served as the lodging for King Abdul Aziz in the 1930s.

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