Jawatha Mosque, Saudi Arabia - Mosque


Jawatha Mosque is situated in the village of Al-Kilabiyah, about 12km northeast of Hofuf, Al-Ahsa. It was the initial mosque built in east Arabia and most of the original construction is in ruins. The place is still used for prayer. It was constructed the in seventh year of hijra (c. 629 AD) at the hands of the Bani Abdul Qais clan which resided there before and near the beginning of the Islamic era. This mosque is assumed to be the first mosque built in Eastern Province and is where the second Friday parishioner’s prayer in Islam was offered, the first being held at the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. According to myth, when the Hajr Al Aswad, was stolen from Mecca by the Qarmatians, it was placed in this mosque for nearly 22 years.

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