Madinah, Saudi Arabia - Piligrimage

Beaches, Mosque

Madinah near Riyadh is one of the most illustrious pilgrimage destinations of the world. It is in fact a city placed in the Al Madinah province positioned on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, on the coastline of the Red Sea. Madinah is said to be the second most prominent sacred city of the world after Mecca. The city lies almost 447 kilometers to the north of Mecca. Madinah is the capital metropolis of Al Madinah region. Every year a large number of Muslims throng to this sanctified city to pay their respects to the great Prophet Muhammad. The arrival of the Prophet in Madinah near Riyadh manifests the commencement of the Islamic era. The Holy Quran was first ensued in this very city.


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