L Baqi, Saudi Arabia - Mosque

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Maqbaratu l-Baqi' is a burial ground in Medina, situated to the southeast of the Masjid al-Nabawi. The mosque is constructed where the Islamic prophet Muhammad used to reside, erected a mosque, and is at present buried. The cemetery thus holds much importance. It encloses many of Muhammad's relatives and companions. Many traditions narrate Muhammad issuing a prayer every time he approved it. The graveyard is also branded as Jannatu l-Baqi', meaning "The Garden of Heaven" and Baqi'u l-Qarqad, which means "Orchard of the Boxthorn Trees". A Jewish cemetery was once situated behind Jannatu l-Baqi'. The Umayyad rulers took down the partition of the Jewish graveyard and extended the Muslim necropolis to hem in the crypt of Uthman ibn Affan within it.

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