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About Singapore

about Singapore

A land of blessed by Mother Nature as well as man-made splendors, Singapore presents a never before and glittering experience of life. The gorgeousness of Singapore lies in its premeditated position in the southern tip of the Malaysian isthmus, the magnificent skyscrapers, the glorious museums, sanctuaries, houses of worship and parks. The Republic of Singapore is one of the extensively preferred tourist destinations by people all across the globe. Affluent with numerous tourist attractions, Singapore invites thousands of travelers from different parts of the world to come and discover her magnificence. Unique culture with wonderful scenic beauty makes the land stand out from the other popular tourist destinations in Asia. The parks, the gardens, the tranquil shores and the palm environs are the attractive ingredients of this isle. The blend of culture can be witnessed in every field beginning from the cuisines to clothes to religious conviction to traditions.


Diverse islands, small countryside townships with guiltless nature proffer the tourists the opportunity to enjoy the natural exquisiteness and its wonderful elements. The most striking ingredient of Singapore is the merge of cultures where east meets west to form a new evolution. Singapore bears multiplicities in respect of its geography, mores and traditions. The culture of Singapore is one elite kaleidoscope of all facets of it that unify completely with the city and its people. The varied population of Singapore, including of the Chinese, Malay, Indian and European immigrants, rejoice their own exclusive cultures that put together with each other to compose such a unique edifying flow. Singaporean arts and crafts, its fine structural design, the music and dances in addition to the fashion trends and its cuisines and diverse cuisine amalgamate with her optimum ethnicity, decorum, religion and the customs to present this inspiring extravaganza and called the ‘Culture of Singapore’. If you are planning for a trip in secludes, in the middle of nature, then Singapore will be the idyllic place where urban and nature uncovers her splendor to the tourist.


Singapore Fast Facts

City: Singapore

District: Singapore

State: World

Country: Singapore

Famous for/as: Bird Watching, Scenic

Best Season: Throughout the year

Summer: 25 to 31°C

Winter: 19 to 23°C

Rain: Jul - Sept

Area: 710 km2

Altitude: 18 m


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