Temple of 1000 Lights Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya, Singapore - Temple


Temple of 1,000 Lights (Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya) is a temple that has been devoted to the reminiscence of the birth, growth, and downfall of Lord Buddha. On the walls of the sanctuary are decorated frescos that replicate the different stages of life and development of the great soul who bear the liability to show mankind the right path of realization and knowledge. It is well-known as Temple of 1,000 Lights because copious lights are hung on the walls of the temple and during the twilight these lights are made to illuminate the entire arena. It seems to offer light to all the spirit who have lost their way amidst the shadows of everyday survival, as did Buddha during his life span. There is a 15 meter high figurine of Lord Buddha in the foyer which weighs roughly 300 tons.

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