Travel Within Singapore


Getting around Singapore is a light wind as the country has the widespread public transport system that is well-organized, expedient and reasonable.  The 3 main means of public transport are public buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), which is recognized as subway or metro rail system in some countries, and taxis. Singapore has one of the most competent, ample and affordable bus transportation services in the world. The buses run on major routes between 6 am and 12 midnight and you can shell out in cash or use an ez-link card, which is an electronic cash card that can be procured in all Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations and bus transactions.


If you are paying by cash, please make sure you have the precise amount as you will not be given change. You can ensure with the bus driver on the accurate fare to your destination. It is wise to pay in coins, which you can swap for at our Front Office bank clerk.


The MRT (subway or metro rail system as branded in some countries) is seen as one of the most contemporary and competent in the world. It is an express and economical mode of transportation and the coach service runs from 5.30 am to 12.30 am daily. One can buy tickets using cash or ez-link card.