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About Italy

about Italy

Italy is one of the most holidayed countries in Europe. Pisa, Rome, Venice and Florence are the most famed Italy destinations. It enjoys a exclusive ecological and historical situation - protruding into the Mediterranean, the history of Italy unavoidably includes the history of Phoenecians, Greeks, Saracens, Cartheginians, Romans and Byzantines. Venice, Florence, Siena, Milan, Naples, The Amalfi coast, Capri, the Lakes Region, Sicily, Sardinia, the Alps and of course Rome are the hotbeds for the tourists. Italy Tourist Destinations definitely leave you fascinated with their astounding multiplicity and it is not unforeseen that millions of visitors get there every year from destinations across the world. The most celebrated visitor attractions in Italy embrace architectural magnum opuses, museums and art galleries and awe-inspiring the cities which are an experience in itself. Italy is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Each part of the Mediterranean is also recognized by a precise name: to the east of Italy is the Adriatic Sea; to the south, the Ionian Sea; to the west, the Tyrrhenian Sea; and down the northern coast (the Italian Riviera), the Ligurian Sea.


There is a vast treaty of multiplicity in the countryside in Italy, even though it is described principally by two mountain networks: the Alps and the Apennines. The former lengthens over 600 miles from east to west. It consists of great massifs in the western division, with peaks increasing to over 14,000 feet, counting Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa and Cervino. At the base of the Alpine arch elongates the vast Po Valley plain, gushes the middle by the route of the river Po, the longest in Italy (390 miles), which has its spring in the Pian del Re (Monviso) and flows into the Adriatic throughout a splendid delta. Italy is famed for many other things like fashion trends, delicious cuisines and optimum wines. The pastas and pizzas have conquered global fame.

Italy Fast Facts

City: Italy

State: World

Country: Italy

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Backwaters, Beaches, Caves, Mountaineering

Best Season: Jan to May

Summer: 15 to 30°C

Winter: 4 to 14°C

Rain: November

Area: 301338 km2

Altitude: 13 m

STD Code: 39

Languages: italian

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