Best Season & Best time to visit Italy

Italy envelops a long boot-shaped isthmus in Western Europe and the isles of Sicily and Sardinia. The nation has shorelines with the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas both of which are parts of the Mediterranean ocean. Italy shares boundaries in the north with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.


From snow-clad Mountains in the north to year-round warmness in the south, Italy has a justly diverse climate. Winter temperatures differ significantly across the country from the Alpine weather in the north to the southern Mediterranean climate of the south. It can be freezing in Milan whilst it’s 20°C in Palermo, Sicily. In summer the distinctions are much fewer noticeable. There are large differences flanked by the coastal districts and the interior of the country, particularly as you attain altitude. The mountains craft many microclimates. The record low temperature documented in Italy is -29°C. This prohibits lofty areas where it can get a lot colder: -45°C has been recorded in the Italian Alps. The highest record is 46°C in the far south of the nation.


Italy is a very hilly realm with the Alps in the north and the Apennine mountain range that lengthens right down the cape and rises to over 2000m in parts. The islets of Sicily and Sardinia are precipitous too – the 3323m high Mt Etna sits on the east shore of Sicily. The plains south of the Alps are the only smooth part of the nation.

Best Season : Jan to May. Temperature: Summer 15 to 30°C, Winter 4 to 14°C

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