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About Vietnam

about Vietnam

Vietnam, officially well-known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, it is bounded by Laos, Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China, a picturesque country located in the South East Asia on the Indochina Peninsula, is a thriving realm of culture and mores, soaring peaks, terraced rice paddy fields, and a winding shoreline of serene white sand beaches. There’s more to this country than just the war-torn, violent, colonized history and memorials. The astounding exquisiteness of the country, the warmth of its people and the sumptuousness of its traditions is what defines this country.  One gets to experience the perfect blend of the old and the new world charm, such as the mystifying ancient temples, colourful pagodas, the majestic palaces, floating markets, cave formations, the sand dunes and the larger cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cites which offers the best of the mall culture.


For tourists who flock to Vietnam are utterly amazed by the natural beauty and the culture. If you love to admire nature, then the country’s beaches, sharply angled mountain peaks, tropical forests and the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne is sure to leave you spell bound. If you are a history buff, then the most enticing pagodas and the mammoth ruins will charm you with its mystifying aura. Settled over 4000 years ago, Vietnam oozes out the influence of the empires and monarchs, and is profoundly inked in its architecture, religion and mores. This is a country where handmade water puppets narrate legendary tales, singing kites that soar to the sky, and markets float. One gets to experience the electrifying passion that runs in this country from puppets to painting, from palaces to pagodas.  Chiefly influenced by the Chinese and French colonial ethnicities, this country has managed to preserve and follow its unique culture throughout its chaotic past. One gets to experience the majestic milieu of Chinese, Khmer and French civilisations here.


Vietnam Fast Facts

City: Vietnam

State: World

Country: Vietnam

Known As: Vietnamese

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Backwaters, Bird Sanctuary

Best Season: Jul to Jan

Summer: 21 to 35°C

Winter: 12 to 21°C

Rain: May to Sep

Area: 331210 km2

Altitude: 0m

STD Code: 84

Languages: Vietnamese

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