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Located in the south eastern part of Asia, Vietnam is bestowed with all types of weather conditions. The weather seems to be too moody and one gets to experience the mood swings from place to place. Generally, the Vietnam is a tropical monsoon climate which tends to be humid and sultry all round the year.  The northern Vietnam is temperate climates zone where as the Southern part has a tropical climate. During the month of July to November, the coastal region is usually hit by typhoons and can be devastating at times. Hence these phenomenons cause floods and droughts which in turn affect the life and the agriculture of the country.


January seems to be the coolest month of the year where the temperature falls as low as 15°C. The temperature soars to touch 40°C by February and the monsoons seems to be arriving in May with an average temperature of 30°C. Winters seems to be the pleasant time as the average temperature falls as low as 17°C especially around the hilly terrains. During summers, from May to October, the mercury soars up to 37°C to 40°C with 80% humidity making life literally miserable. Heavy rains are expected late summers, i.e., from September to November.

Best Season : Jul to Jan. Temperature: Summer 21 to 35°C, Winter 12 to 21°C

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Monthly Vietnam Weather

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