Ba Vi National Park, Vietnam - Natural Beauty, Mountain, Wildlife Species

Wildlife, Mountaineering, Lakes, Amusement Park

Ba Vi National Park is one of Vietnam’s most famous areas of stupendous natural beauty, and is centred around a three-peaked mountain jutting precipitously out of the landscape. The national park offers a perfect getaway from the city with cool fresh mountain air in a mystic atmospheric milieu of clouds, jungle and tropical rainforest. There is also a spa resort nestled at the foot of the mountain offering a host of natural therapies in an utterly dazzling setting. The three mountain pinnacles are Dinh Vua which is the highest at 1,296m, Tan Vien which is 1,226m and Ngoc Hoa the smallest at 1,131m. Together they form a three humped crown which is often obscured by clouds at the highest point due to the diverse climate at the park.

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