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About Indonesia

about Indonesia

Welcome to the biggest archipelago of the world - Indonesia, the potpourri of over 17,000 islands. Indonesia, meaning "Indian Islands", deriving from the Greek roots "Indos" meaning Indian and "Nesos" which means islands, is a chief traveler attraction in the eastern hemisphere. The enormous archipelago called Indonesia lures travelers from all over the globe. The copious islands of the nation fuse the sense of tranquility with the inestimable specters of nature. Discover the true sense of exquisiteness in the islands which are sprinkled with the grandeurs ranging from mountains to the ocean, from elite beaches to the forests, from the uncharted isles to the striking island caverns and many more! Indonesia tourism has urbanized in the past decades with a swift pace with these wonders framing its stamina. The alluring aromas of the exotic spices, the turbulent ambiance, the vibrant colors in the mores and the spectacular landscapes make Indonesia an ecstasy for the travelers. The realm offers matchless natural prettiness which is vibrant and rare. The multihued ethnicity of the place leaves every soul solicitous. Indonesia is abode to the second largest coastline of the world.


The country is visibly divided into the countryside and the urban world with the cities in the country is in a state of invariable change and urban growth. The splendor of the country lives in its archipelago which is colossal in numbers and most of them are still to be explored. Hence, Indonesia still provides the voyagers to discover the virgin lands and unearth the secrets of nature that are concealed in the paths of the islets. The archipelago is so gigantic and is so many in numbers that out of the 13,000 islands only 1500 have been named. The biggest and the most vital of the islands is Java. The capital conurbation of Jakarta is located in Java and is also centrally positioned. Largely a Muslim country, Indonesia is also home to 100 unusual racial groups dotted around the different islands.

Indonesia Fast Facts

City: Indonesia

State: World

Country: Indonesia

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Beaches, Lakes, Scenic

Best Season: April to Oct

Summer: 23 to 31°C

Winter: 22 to 31°C

Rain: Jun to Sep

Area: 1919440 km2

STD Code: 62

Languages: Indonesian

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