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Indonesia Food


The diverse and multi-ethnic nature of Indonesia reflects in its gastronomic art also. It is a charming creation of local exotic charge and remarkably influenced by the best of the connoisseur extravaganza across the orb. Food in Indonesia retains all the flavors and traits which are manifest of its principally Muslim individuality. But, the reason to celebrate for the food lovers is that Indonesia acknowledges the diverse profusion of global cuisine and revels in the intriguing blend which becomes a natural upshot. You name it and you have it -- from modestly-priced local dishes to roasted kangaroo, from lychee mocktail to Chateaux Lafitte – it can never get better than this.


Jakarta offers the best choice of dining possibilities of any chief Indonesian cities. Options are profusion ranging from street food corners and sophisticated food courts in the shopping malls to chic and classy fine dining restaurants in world class hotels.