Flores, Indonesia - Scenic Beauty

Lakes, Mountaineering, Scenic

Flores is one of the smaller Sunda Islands, lying in the province of Nusa Tenggara, and is the third isle in the east of Bali. Set in the midst of active volcanoes, and Rocky Mountains, Flores which means “flowers” in Portuguese, is a magnificent tourist destination. People from all over the orb tour miles to this petite isle, to glimpse the wonderful blend of beaches and mountains, with a dramatic picturesque landscape. The lakes of Kelimutu, in Flores, are a main attraction of this township. This is in fact an amalgamation of three volcanic craters in the Mt. Kelimutu, which have three lakes of diverse hues. It seems that, these colors habitually change eventually. The last seen colors of the Lakes of Kelimutu, in 2003, were turquoise, sea green and crimson.

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