Bandung, Indonesia - Mountains and Rivers

Scenic, Mountaineering, Lakes

Bandung is the capital of West Java region, and the country's fourth largest city. Resting on a river basin, bounded by volcanic mountains, Bandung is a hub of industry and traditional Sundanese arts.  A chief tourist destination, Bandung is a hotbed for people from all over the world. Bandung is also as “kota kembang”, or the City of Flowers, referring to its gorgeous women, and also, “Parijs van Java”, or the Paris of Java.  Justly a breathtaking place is also famous for Kebun Binatang, a zoo in the heart of Bandung that houses a diversity of animals and birds, mostly from Indonesia, such as the komodo, tigers from Java and Sumatra, monkeys and orangutans and rare species of birds.

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