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About Ireland

about Ireland

Ireland is an islet to the north-west of continental Europe. It is the third-largest islet in Europe and the twentieth-largest islet on Earth. To its east is the larger island of Great Britain, from which it is alienated by the Irish Sea. Ireland - home of many famed writers, poets, singers and music, of St Patrick, Guinness, whiskey and an incomprehensibly large number of stupendous pubs – can be rainy, sometimes even deserted, but never less than astonishingly fun.

Ireland has both beauty and brains: charming villages and dynamic cities tarnish its green blanket landscape, and urban centers Cork and Dublin have a cultural influence around the world. Outdoor enthusiasts and history fans can amuse their interests with bucolic walks which pass by stone cottages and prehistoric monuments, such as the burial tombs found in the Boyne vale. Cork in the south of the country is Ireland's second biggest city and Corkonians enjoy a welcoming banter with Dubliners over the connotation of the city. Dublin, the country's vibrant capital, has totally transformed over the last 20 years, and the Dublin of today is an extravagance destination with up market shops and exciting nightlife.


Northern Ireland is little known as a tourist destination. Yet those who visit discover that it is stuffed with places of interest. The rich and often chaotic history means that no matter where you are, chances are that something significant has happened in the area and historic buildings and landmarks are not far away. Beyond that, Northern Ireland is a country of stupendous natural beauty. Undulating green hills meet flourishing valleys; the grand Atlantic Ocean lashes against rock-strewn coasts creating implausible designs; charismatic villages give an ambiance of inscrutability and friendly people help you feel at home. It can be a costly destination, but Ireland’s scenic sites and unique, joyful culture are worth the expense.

Ireland Fast Facts

City: Ireland

State: World

Country: Ireland

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Beaches, Fishing, Scenic, Temple

Best Season: July to August

Summer: 18 to 20°C

Winter: 4 to 10°C

Rain: Sept to Dec

Area: 84421 km2

Altitude: 1041

STD Code: 353

Languages: Irish, English

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