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Best Season & Best time to visit Ireland

The Irish weather works on the ‘four seasons in a day’ attitude, which basic­ally means that you can’t forecast a thing when it comes to the behavior of the blue. Some basic assumptions, though, can be made. In summer, from May to July, the days are sensibly warm and – most prominently – very long: at the height of summer you won’t need to switch on lights until after 10pm. It is also crest tourist season, which means there are far more people just about everywhere but the most isolated corners of the isle, and prices are at their highest. Not astoundingly, most of the annual festivals occur during these times so as to take benefit of the crowds and the more favorable weather conditions. Spring which commences form February to April and autumn from August to October make good choices, although the country’s ever-growing recognition as a tourist destination can often smudge the lines between mid- and high-season tourism. Still, you have a better chance of some serenity and tranquility, and the weather can be unexpectedly better in April and September than in mid-July – again, it’s all part of the ambiguity principle. Spring festivities comprise the ever-popular St Patrick’s Festival.


Though temperatures will hardly endeavor below freezing, winter which begins from December to February can be vicious, but huge parts of the country – the west and northwest in particular – are at their savage and gorgeous best in the cold winter light. Crowds are at their thinnest, but many of the country’s tourist enthrallments and services close down in October and don’t reopen until Easter, which in contradiction leaves visitors with a more persuasive taste of how Ireland is experienced by most of the Irish: it’s frosty, grey and dark by 5pm, but there’s always a pub to get away into when the rain starts sheeting down.

Best Season : July to August. Temperature: Summer 18 to 20°C, Winter 4 to 10°C

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