Travel Within Ireland


Travelling by train in Ireland is a great way to get around – it’s comfy, proficient and dependable, and you can settle down and watch the picturesque countryside flutter by through the window. Travelling around Ireland is short, simple and sweet – or infuriatingly long and nauseatingly complex. Distances are comparatively short and there’s a good system of roads, but public transport can be irregular, costly or both and – particularly with trains – not reach many of the more appealing places. Your own transport is a foremost advantage and it’s worth considering car rent for at least part of your tour. Irish roads are noticeably better than they used to be.


There’s a small but growing system of motorways to complement the huge network of secondary and tertiary roads, though it is still true that smaller, country roads can make for difficult driving conditions.  Public transport in Ireland is improving its competence to carry bikes and lots of places to stay are advanced facilities needed to keep bikes secure. Also, baggage transport schemes are operated by some local companies. If you choose not to drive, a muddle of buses, the occasional taxi, plenty of time, on foot and sometimes hiring a bicycle will get you just about anywhere.