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About Cyprus

about Cyprus

Hovering on the waters of the European Mediterranean, but pointing thoughtfully towards the shores of Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, Cyprus is a peculiar blend. It is a kaleidoscopic merge: its cultural influences are subjugated by Western Europe, but its geographic propinquity to Asia and Africa gives it more than just a clue of the East. Long desired by mainland Greece and Turkey, this small isle has its own specific and charming character.


For its size, the fact that Cyprus receives over two million yearly visitors is a telling statistic - hard evidence of its substantial jewelry as a Mediterranean holiday destination. A brief summary of the island's chief attractions reveals an implausible range and variety of tourist sights and activities, from sun-soaked beaches and top-class resorts, to imposing antique ruins and fun, lively cities with a distinctive conventional flavor. Even though Nicosia remains the only alienated capital in the world, the UN- imposed 'Green Line' has worked to keep tensions between the Greek and Turkish sectors of the inhabitants below boiling-point; and tourists should have no uncertainties about visiting this luxuriously gratifying country.


Cyprus is also a world-famous beach and winter sun holiday destination, and many visitors spend the duration of their holidays in heavenly relaxation on the Mediterranean's golden shores. The area of Paphos is particularly idyllic for tourists looking for a relaxing beach holiday, offering a variety of accommodation and dining options within easy walking distance of the beautiful beachfront area. The resort township of Protaras is outstanding for swimming and offers a wide variety of water sport opportunities, and is also home to the isle's best beach in the form of Fig Tree Bay; while Ayia Napa, another resort, is well-known around the world for its wild parties and excruciating nightlife.

Cyprus Fast Facts

City: Cyprus

State: World

Country: Cyprus

Famous for/as: Art Gallery, Beaches, Bird Watching, Boating, Monuments

Best Season: March to June

Summer: 18 to 36°C

Winter: 14 to 24°C

Rain: May to Oct

Area: 9251 km2

Altitude: 1952 m

STD Code: 357

Languages: Turkish, Greek, Armenian

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