Paphos District Archeological Museum, Cyprus - Museum

Museum, Scenic

Paphos District Archeological Museum is mounting as the finds from long-lasting excavations are added to the collection. It houses an attractive anthology of Cypriot antiquities from the Neolithic Age to A.D. 1700.In the hall is a Hellenistic sarcophagus which comes from Peyia. Room one houses rings pottery, terra-cotta figures and idols from Lemba and red vases from Polis. There are also exemplars of Roman pottery and wall cases with ornaments. In the middle of the room are bare bones from the site of Lemba. Room Two has pottery in traditional Greek style, various sculptures and a fine exhibit of coins minted by the various City Kingdoms. Room Three contains numerous sarcophagi and various Roman curiosities counting marble eyeballs and clay hot water bottles.

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