Paphos House of Dionysos Mosaics, Cyprus - Town of Paphos, Parks

Art Gallery, Garden, Scenic

Near the Paphos port are the outstandingly conserved mosaic roadways of the Villa of Dionysos, amongst the finest in the Mediterranean area. The mosaics, which chiefly portray scenes from Greek myths, were unintentionally discovered by a farmer plowing his field. Turning clockwise alongside the outer platforms are mosaics showing the stature of a man, diverse patterns of shapes and a portrayal of a peacock. They are very well conserved, particularly the natural colors of the sandstone. In the inner series, in the Atrium, there are four panels, mostly depicting hunting scenes. In the first is a depiction of Pyramus and Thisbe, the second Dionysos and Ikarios, the third Poseidon and Amymone and in the fourth Apollo and Daphne. The most famed mosaic is that of the victory of Dionysos with the God in a chariot drawn by leopards.

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