Travel Within Cyprus


Cyprus is small enough for you to get around effortlessly. Roads are good and well organized to navigate, and traffic moves effortlessly and without the excesses and irregularity sometimes found in other countries in the Middle East or Mediterranean Europe. Public transport is restricted to buses and service taxis. There is no train system and no domestic air services in either the North or the South. Four-lane motorways connection Lefkosia with Lemesos and Larnaka, and this system has now been prolonged west to Pafos and east to Agia Napa. In Northern Cyprus, there is only one motorway, which sprints between North Nicosia and Famagusta.


It is feasible to travel around Cyprus by bicycle alongside usual roads, which normally parallel the motorways, where cycling is not allowed. Buses to major destinations on the isle are usually affordable, clean, and air-conditioned. Driving or riding your way around Cyprus is the only actually effective way to get around the nation properly. Having your own vehicle is necessary if you want to see some of the out-of-the-way places in the Troödos Massif or the Tyllirian wilderness, where bus transport is more or less unreliable. Distances overall are usually short, with the longest imaginable leg in the South no more than 220km. The North is evenly compacted, but it is fairly a drive out to Zafer Burnu at the tip of the Karpas panhandle from North Nicosia or even Famagusta.