Cyprus Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Cyprus

The best time to go to Cyprus depends on the kind of experience you wish to have. With its extreme Mediterranean climate, the island’s weather is easy to forecast. The summer months of June to September are scorching and action-packed. August in particular is the peak of Cyprus’ tourist season, when the locals squeeze up next to the tourists on beaches and restaurant benches. Accommodations prices go up quite a lot during these months, so if you’re on a budget, avoid the height of summer. October to May is the quiet months of autumn, winter and spring, when the countryside is enclosed with wildflowers that seem to cover every color in the rainbow.


Walking either the Troödos Massif or the Akamas Peninsula, or cycling the Karpas (KırpaÅŸa) isthmus in the North is most pleasant in the autumn and spring months. Autumn in October and spring in April and May are short and the transition between winter and summer is swift. Rain falls chiefly in autumn and winter, and outside these months rainfall is unusual. Water shortages can be a real problem in Cyprus. Winters are variable, with cold and warmer climate alternating. Conditions also differ with height. The Troödos Massif generally gets some snow in winter and you can ski on Mt Olympus in the South from early January to mid-March.

Best Season : March to June. Temperature: Summer 18 to 36°C, Winter 14 to 24°C

Monthly Cyprus Weather

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