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About Hong kong

about Hong kong

Journey to the terrain of Hong Kong gratifies your pursuit for expedition where one has enough tourist attractions to discover. From the bay to the shoreline, from tshe glittering nightlife to the luminous daylight, from the ferryboat ride to the style statement, from the Buddhist monasteries to the Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong is well-known to attract you with all kinds of plea. If Hong Kong Tourist Attractions is what you are planning for then you are barely going to get dissatisfied.


Amongst the Hong Kong Tourist Attractions Victoria Peak is the precise place that gives an unbelievable vista of the whole anchorage dazzling with elucidation. If you are looking out for some amusement then one must not forget stopping over at Ripley's Believe It or Not!  Ocean Park in Hong Kong is a themed maritime park where it is always fun time for kids. If you are on a shopping binge then a must stopover would be to Stanley Market that boasts of numerous shops filled with whole lot of tits and bits.


Travel around the Chinese culture while taking a Kowloon isthmusexcursion that cannot be experienced well than this. One can visit the isle of New Territories, which is abode to the Hong Kong Disneyland, the famed amusement park; Po Lin Monastery, the native Buddhist monastery; alongside with the figurine of Big Buddha. Kowloon Park that is intended in a typical Chinese slant boasts of grandpicturesque spots for viewing the local flora and fauna. Hong Kong Tourist Attractions is what you would look out for that cherishes you from rock climbing to famous lion dances; from enjoying the luscious delicacies while itinerantaboard at the township of Aberdeen to enjoying the architectural exquisiteness of the Hong Kong City.

Hong kong Fast Facts

City: Hong Kong

State: World

Country: Hong Kong

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Beaches, Bird Sanctuary, Bird Watching, Fishing, Scenic, Temple

Best Season: Oct to Dec

Summer: 25 to 31°C

Winter: 15 to 19°C

Rain: Jun to Sep

Area: 1104 km2

Altitude: 958 m

STD Code: 852

Languages: English, Chinese

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