Yuen Po Street Bird Market, Hong Kong - Chinese-style theme park, Flower Market Rd, Bird Garden, Bird Cages

Scenic, Bird Watching, Bird Sanctuary

Yuen Po Street Bird Market, a charismatic Chinese-style garden is the privilegedmeeting place of Hong Kong’s songbird owners, who clutch their adored pets around in intricately engraved cages.The souk contains some 70 songbird stalls plusappealingpatios and moon gates. The Flower Market features a selection of vivid and multihued, sweet-scented flowers of different fascinating species.Jungle of exotic flowering, lucky charm houseplants and sweet scents to be found in most of the shops here. It’s fun to walk around the bazaarappreciative the massivediversity of flowers and plants for sale.It conducts a extensive and retail business of flowers at worthwhile price offers. The aroma and gorgeousness of the flowers exhibited in this bazaar create a charismatic aura.

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