Hong Kong Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate characterized by blistering, humid summers and chilly, moderatelyarid winters.October, November and most of December are the best season to visit. Temperatures are reasonable, the skies are unambiguous and the sun shines. January and February are gloomy and cold but parched. It’s warmer from March to May, but the humidity is high, and the murkiness and drizzle can make moving around tricky. The scorching heat and moisture from June to August can make tourism a sweaty proposal, and it is also the rainy time of year. Hong Kong climate has lingered significantly constant although sometimes being faltered by avalanche after spells of down pours. It is all becauseof the climatic change in Hong Kong that lays harshbrunt on the furrow of sea level, bionetwork along with and human exposure. September is a majestic month if you like drama; the menace of a storm seems to come out every other day.Even in late spring and early autumn, traveling Hong Kong’s streets can be tepid work. The best time to go climate-wise is in early or late autumn, when the days are usually warm, fresh and the air often clean.

Best Season : Oct to Dec. Temperature: Summer 25 to 31°C, Winter 15 to 19°C

Monthly Hong Kong Weather

Month Jun best time to visit hong kong Jul best time to visit hong kong Aug best time to visit hong kong Sep best time to visit hong kong Oct Nov Dec Jan best time to visit hong kong Feb best time to visit hong kong Mar best time to visit hong kong Apr best time to visit hong kong May best time to visit hong kong
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High 29°C 31°C 31°C 29°C 27°C 23°C 20°C 18°C 17°C 19°C 24°C 28°C
Low 26°C 26°C 26°C 25°C 23°C 18°C 15°C 13°C 13°C 16°C 19°C 23°C