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About Australia

about Australia

Australia is the biggest isle in the world and is positioned in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the smallest amongst the continents of the world. Formally known as the “Commonwealth of Australia”,is the sixth largest country in terms of area. However, the populace of Australia is comparatively low in contrast to the area. Australia is also abounding with mineral fortunes such as gold, silver and diamonds, coal, natural gas and petroleum, iron, copper, zinc, bauxite, uranium and nickel.


Most Australians live along the coast, and most of these folks live in cities. In fact, Australia is the 18th-most developed nation in the world, with approximately 70% of Australians dwelling in the 10 prevalent townships. Sydney, the sun-kissed Harbor metropolis, is an enchanting city with blessings of beaches, boutiques and bars. Melbourne is all about arts and alleys. Australia is a well-loved traveler destination and millions of visitors’ horde there every year to spend languorous summer months and enjoy the magnificent sand kissed serene seashore. A diverse multiplicity of bionetworks inhabits this dazzling country and the natural treasures and wildlife sanctuaries are chief attractions. The outlook of Australia is fundamentally a low flat terrain; central Australia being sand arid regions and the southeast having lush pains. English is the lingo generally used. Conversely, the Aborigines of the territory converse a number of local languages depending on the clan and clique they belong to. Australian mores grew wealthy and diverse due to the settlement of the Europeans.


Earlier a British Colony, the six provinces of Australia unified on 1st January 1901 to outline the Commonwealth of Australia. The legal reliance of this country on the United Kingdom finished on 11th December 1931 with the passing of the Statute of Westminster. Since then Australia has gone on to fashion out its own space in global politics and is one of the world's foremost nations.

Australia Fast Facts

City: Australia

State: World

Country: Australia

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Backwaters, Beaches

Best Season: Dec - Feb

Summer: 30 to 50°C

Winter: 18 to 23°C

Rain: Nov - April

Area: 7692024 km2

Altitude: 2228 m

Languages: English

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