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Australia experiences moderate weather for most of the year but the weather can differ due to the volume of the continent. The northern states characteristically experience humid weather for most of the time, with the southern states experiencing chilly winters. Australia is also one of the parched continents on the globe with a normal annual downpour of less than 600 millimeters. Similar to other countries in the southern hemisphere, Australia's seasons are conflicting to those in the northern hemisphere. December to February Australia experiences summer; March to May will be autumn; June to August is winter; and September to November will be spring. The climate can vary from below zero temperatures in the hoary Mountains to unbearable heat in the north-west. The excessive north-west experiences the ends of the monsoon structures, while the mountains of the south-east draw cyclic flurry to outline the Alpine snowfields. The temperatures differ from a typical 30 degrees C in midsummer in the Red Centre, to an average of 6 degrees C in the plateaus in winter. The domestic deserts can continue completely arid for years even as rains can generate floods. The perfect time to holiday the north, predominantly the Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park is early in the dry season around May. The arid Season, April - October is also an ideal time to stopover northern Queensland's beaches and rain forests.

Best Season : Dec - Feb. Temperature: Summer 30 to 50°C, Winter 18 to 23°C

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